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Tibetan Terrier breeder shows off her champion

About Sugarfoot Tibetan Terriers

Sugarfoot is a kennel name, but it’s not a kennel; learn more here.

About Us
Black and White Tibetan Terrier

Our Dogs

Meet the Sugarfoot Tibetan Terriers, purposefully bred to meet the breed standard.

Our Dogs
Tibetan Terrier Puppies

About the Breed

Wondering if a Tibetan Terrier is the right dog for your family? Learn all about the breed here.

About the Breed

How We Raise Our Tibetan Terrier Puppies

We breed for health and temperament with an eye always to conformation and type. Learn more about how we raise puppies and why we do it.

Who We Are

Sugarfoot Tibetan Terriers is a home-based breeder based in Iowa.  My dogs are AKC Champions or Grand Champions, with outstanding temperaments, fun personalities, and correct structure.  They are also thoroughly health-tested based on recommendations from the The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) and the Tibetan Terrier Club of America (TTCA).

Most importantly, my dogs are part of my family, and my goal is to raise healthy, happy, socialized puppies to join yours.

Latest News

Goodbye, little Schitts

Our Schitts Creek litter has gone to new homes, where they are bringing fun and happiness to 7 families. Here we have Alexis (Sugarfoot A Little Bit Alexis), Bebe (Sugarfoot…

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