GCH Gemms n Sugarfoot Junebug AF


A black and white Tibetan Terrier puppy receives a ribbon

Juno is a special girl from a special litter, and she takes after her grandfather just as I hoped.  She was co-bred with Gemm’s Tibetan Terriers.

Like her granddaddy Junebug, Juno won her first major on her first day in the ring.  She quickly finished her AKC Championship with three majors, going Best of Breed over specials at the Waukesha Kennel Club show.  She took the breed ring by storm, finishing her Grand Championship just over two months later at just 16 months old.  Juno earned her first Group placement at the Wright County Kennel Club show in October of 2019. We have high hopes for this girl!

Outside the ring, Juno enjoys picking on her daddy, Hot Sauce, and grandma Hoopz.  She is a spitfire, always finding something to get into.

Pedigree & Health

Juno be found in the OFA database.  Her health test results are also below:

In the Ring

Anytime we are in the ring is special, but here are some of our favorite wins:

  • Winners Bitch at Land O’Lakes KC on her first day out, just like grandpa
  • Best of Breed at Waukesha KC to finish her Champion title
  • Best of Opposite at Land O’Lakes KC, exactly one year after her debut

Photos of Juno