Our Sugarfoot Tibetan Terriers are a wonderful addition to our family. They are content to cuddle with us while we watch Netflix, and equally happy to go on a long hike on the Minnesota north shore. They are also beautiful, and draw attention everywhere we take them…which is everywhere we can because they are so eager to join us. We can’t imagine life without a TT.

Two Tibetan Terriers pose on steps
S. Cooper

Trixie (Sugarfoot’s One Trick Pony — formerly known as Triple), is a wonderful addition to our family. Our other Tibetan Terrier, Scraps, loves having a playmate. Her disposition is wonderful and her markings are unique. Now if I could only get the kids (and Scraps) to quit fighting over who gets to play with her! Thanks much. I look forward to following your line for years to come!

T. Keuhn