Sugarfoot Tibetan Terriers:

Quality Dogs, Treasured Companions

Above all else, my dogs are my pets.  I don’t have a kennel; my dogs live in my home (or they are the beloved pets of friends).  They are my walking partners, bed-warmers, doorbells, and food-thieves.

My dogs are AKC Champions or Grand Champions. Why does that matter? Because an AKC Championship means that a dog:

– Meets the Tibetan Terrier breed standard, as judged against competition by multiple judges well-versed in the breed.

– Has the temperament to confidently adjust to new surroundings, like show arenas and hotels.

– Is socialized to be around many different types of people and other dogs of all breeds and sizes.

– Is well-trained.  I handle my own dogs in the show ring, resulting in a strong and valued relationship.

My dogs are healthy.  Before breeding, I ensure my dogs are clear of detectable genetic conditions (including PLL, NCL, and PRA) and have OFA-certified eyes and hips. Health certificates are available on request.

I invite you to learn more about my dogs, past and present.  They are unique in personality and appearance, but they were all purposely-bred and are loved family members.

Chacha is Best of Winners


White and brown Tibetan Terrier on a colorful towel at a dog show

Molly Jones


Black and white Tibetan Terrier poses for a win photo

Hot Sauce


Junebug poses on the deck


(In Memoriam)

Sable and white Tibetan Terrier poses for a win photo


(In Memoriam)

Black and white Tibetan Terrier puppy

Sweet Corn


A Tibetan Terrier with a leaf on her head