Puppy Plans

I am excited to share that TWO litters are expected in June 2024!

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Interested in a Tibetan Terrier Puppy?

Have you read about the breed, learned about me, and decided a Sugarfoot Tibetan Terrier might be the right addition to your family?  I would love to hear from you, so please reach out.

As you have probably learned, I am not a large commercial breeder; I do not have puppies available year-round.  In fact, I normally have one litter every 1-2 years.  My litters are planned months and years in advance, and the decision is not made lightly.  I only breed dogs with AKC championships, which means the dog has been evaluated by multiple judges against other Tibetan Terriers.  With each litter, I’m hoping to enhance strengths and minimize weaknesses to improve the breed – and find my next group winner or even Best in Show.  I ensure dogs I breed are health-tested and well-socialized with sound temperaments.  I think these are very special dogs, and I am fortunate that I can place them into homes that will love them the way I do.

The process of buying a Sugarfoot Tibetan Terrier puppy is straightforward.  First, I require an application to learn more about you and your family.  Then, I like to schedule a phone conversation so you can ask questions and we can make sure a TT is the right fit. After this, if you want to proceed, I will explain when I may have a litter available and add you to my list. When breeding is imminent, I contact families on my waitlist and request a deposit to hold your place.

Then comes the hard part: waiting!

After breeding, pregnancy is confirmed by ultrasound about 4 weeks before an expected due date.  A couple weeks before the expected due date, we get an estimated puppy-count by x-ray.

Then the fun begins! You can watch the litter grow by following Sugarfoot Tibetan Terriers on Facebook. Puppies are raised in my home, steps from my bedroom. While the puppies are with me, I socialize them with humans (old and young) and expose them to new surfaces, experiences, and sounds.  I will continue to have conversations with you to help choose the perfect four-legged family member.  Once the puppies are six weeks old, you are free to visit and meet them in person, if you live close enough.

Between 8 and 10 weeks old, the puppies go home.  This is a bittersweet time for me, as I grow to love every one of them, but there is something indescribable about the looks on people’s faces as they pick up their new best friend.

I hope our relationship doesn’t end there, though.  I love getting photos of your puppy during the holidays, on their birthdays, and just because.  I want to hear about your successes and challenges raising these strong-willed little beings.

I am also here for you anytime you have questions or concerns. That’s what you get when you buy a  puppy from a breeder committed to each puppy for their entire lifetime.



Our Primary Goal is Healthy Puppies

Baby “Taystee” isnt sure what to think about the BAER hearing test

To ensure you and your puppy have as many happy years together as possible, my breeding emphasizes good health.

Therefore, I follow the health screenings recommended by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.  This means both parents of your future puppy are DNA tested or clear-by-parentage of detectable genetic conditions, have been evaluated for hip dysplasia, and their eyes are examined by a veterinary ophthalmologist annually. Every parent is also an AKC Champion or Grand Champion, ensuring that they meet the breed standard and can perform the job they were bred to do.

When your puppy goes home, s/he will have been:

  • Examined by a veterinarian, with the first set of vaccinations;
  • BAER (hearing) tested; and
  • Microchipped.

Puppies are sold with a contract that includes a two-year health guarantee, with limited AKC registration.

Photos of Sugarfoot Puppies