GCH Shey's Gran' Daddy Junebug


Black and White Tibetan Terrier

Junebug–the raison d’etre of Sugarfoot–was a high-spirited boy with attitude to spare. He started his show career with a Major from the puppy class just days after turning six months old. He finished his championship with four majors at just over 14 months old (all owner-handled), and as a Special ranked #13 in breed standings for 2008. He won Best of Opposite Sex at the Eukanuba National Championship in 2008.

Junebug is a TTCA Register of Merit stud dog, with five champion get: Whoopi, Jitterbug, Rugby, Hot Sauce, and Sweet Corn.

Sadly, my journey with Junebug came to an end on November 19, 2018. Together we learned how to dog show, made so many new friends, and won some big ribbons. We toured New York City, walked the streets of Long Beach, and hiked the Rockies. We raised his children and now his granddaughter, Juno, and watched them play in the ring, too (he HATED when it wasn’t him in the ring with me).